Andrea Galvani © 2005-2006, The wall of sound #6
C-print mounted on aluminum dibond, wood white frame, 120 x 85 cm // 47.2 x 33.5 inches

Private collection, Milan. Courtesy Artericambi, Verona, Italy

The wall of sound

I like to think of velocity as an access code to another level, a propelling acceleration so rapid that resets all references. When a plane goes beyond the speed of sound, it enters a capsule of silence. Its mass meets with a physical limit, abruptly interrupting the diffusion of sound waves, which are compressed until they stick to its surface like a glove. In the project Wall of Sound, a selection of photographic images are blown up and moved physically around the shoot location. The collision between actual landscape and photographic clone generates a force field, a visual plunge built around the rectangular perimeter that borders the images. The time between production and reproduction is compressed to the point that it appears absent.

Wall of Sound is the staging of an impossible simultaneity, a two-dimensional deception, a transgression in the hysteresis of reality. The images both reveal and subtract. They are erected as altars and they safeguard mystery.


Andrea Galvani, Selfportrait for «Tema Celeste», n.120, March – April 2007, Gabrius Editore, Milan

Andrea Galvani © 2003-2004, The wall of sound #5
C-print mounted on aluminum dibond, wood white frame, 145 x 95 cm // 57.1 x 37.4 inches

Private collection, Madrid. Courtesy Artericambi, Verona, Italy